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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hoo Boy! Lolo Trusts Me

What happened was that Lois got EXTREME BUSY and so she couldn't do no b**g. And, see, she knows you miss her so she has settled for second best: Me.

In case some of you do not know me (eminently possible), I am Horsetail Snake ( I am 76 years old, and I am damn funny. Oh, okay: I am 76 1/2 and not funny. But I love Lois's sister, Angie, so I am not all bad.

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Three priests were in a railroad station on their way home to Pittsburgh.

Behind the ticket counter was a very sexy, shapely, well-endowed woman wearing a skimpy sweater. She made the three priests very nervous, so they drew straws to determine who would get the tickets.

The first priest approached the window. "Young lady, I would like three pickets to titsburg." He completely lost his composure, and fled.

The second priest goes to the window. "Young lady, I would like three tickets to Pittsburgh, and I would like my change in nipples and dimes." Mortified, he, too, fled.

The third priest mutters, "Morons." And then he moves to the window: "Young lady, I would like three tickets to Pittsburgh and I would like my change in nickels and dimes. And, if you insist on dressing like that, when you get to the pearly gates, St. Finger's going to shake his Peter at you."

They took the bus.

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At my site, I always have a Word of the Day. I don't see any reason not to give you one.

My favorite word of the day is coffee. N., no milk, please. Def.: The person upon whom one coughs.