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Friday, May 25, 2007

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

My old man thought he was really funny as he raced me to the Jacuzzi tub. Beating me only by seconds. Okay, so it was by several minutes, but I was still putting tools away! We both put in nearly a weeks worth of work building a wrap around front porch onto our house, but he claims to have worked harder and be “achier” than me. Whatever dude!

After a long week of porch building, a guy needs to be pampered. Or so he said. After finishing the post digging, installing, concrete mixing and pouring, wood measuring, remeasuring, cutting and framing work, fastening a roof, tar paper and shingles, and winning the end of the day race for the tub, he got what he deserved!

Even the cat doesn’t know what to make of Mr. Lane’s bubbly mess. How do you like his bath towel? His father got him that. One side is white and it says “face” and the side showing is brown, and you can see for yourself what it says. Butt face, indeed!

If you remember a couple of months ago, I had a bubbly accident of my own. My “loving” husband laughed at me. It was like being kicked while I was down because I was sicker than a dog. And all the man could do was point and laugh. What comes around does indeed go around. In his effort to relax and treat his achy muscles to some Jacuzzi goodness, he overshot his bubble wad. Now rather than just pointing and laughing like he did to me, I was laughing, pointing and clicking.

Please take note of the farmer’s tan. His ass is glow-in-the-dark white too. Ha, ha! Have a groovy weekend everybody!