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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lois Has Risen

The only rightful place to begin is to thank my dear buddy, Hoss. Without you, my friend, everyone would have stopped laughing and thought me six-feet under. Has anyone ever blogged their own funeral? Well, I ain’t dead just yet so you’ll have to wait for that one, and hopefully, it‘ll be a real long wait, so don‘t go holding your breath, folks. Hoss, from the heart of my bottom, or the bottom of my heart, whichever you prefer, I thank you for filling in my big ol’ gunboats (that would be shoes for you whippersnappers who don’t know the hip lingo from back in the day.)

Back in the day is exactly where I, Lois Lane have been hiding myself. Freelance work is really slow going so I pounded the pavement in search of regular jobs. I didn’t just run off all willy-nilly looking for work. I thought about some of the things I enjoy, and then thought, how can I make money doing something that makes me happy. See, that is the key to work. It becomes more like fun for money than a chore.

I have a fondness for senior citizens, as you may have noticed. Some of them even like me a little too, like our buddy Hoss. With that in mind, I headed out to my local senior center and my area nursing home, applying for work. I’d done a lot of activities type of work as a volunteer, so getting paid to play bingo and euchre was right up my alley. As luck would have it, I was called for an interview. Once they found out I am a swell and dandy gal, via my background check, lack of a criminal record and my lack of TB, Hepatitis A B C - X Y and Z, fingerprint sample, blood screening, drug test (which I passed even though I didn’t study) and my mother’s maiden name, I was in, baby.

I’ll only be there for a short time while the girl I am filling in for heals from her surgery. I have another month at least and then I can get back to writing fulltime. I’m still writing but just not nearly as much. You know why? Because these senior citizens kick my ass every day of the week! So far, I have been flashed twice, smacked twice, pinched once, yanked by the arm, shirt, pants and hair on a daily basis. Boy, oh boy, do I have some stories for you guys when I get back into the swing of things. Plus the Lane Gang is in full swing of a case of the crazies, which I’ve been making note of and I’ll share as soon as possible. Did I mention while all of this was going on that my laptop bit the dust? It’s still in the shop. Keep your fingers crossed that all of this fun for money I’ve been doing isn’t all going to go to a new laptop. Thankfully, my daughter’s computer decided to work today. It’s a dinosaur but it beats a blank.

I’m learning a lot about history from the people who were there. I’m having a lot of fun, but I am exhausted at the end of the day. I’ll try to update again soon, if not maybe Hoss would like to make a comeback. Don’t let her get too dusty, okay guys? If you want to share a funny with the readers here, send an email to me at and I’ll pencil you in for a guest blogger spot. Thanks for sticking it out with me while all of this busy work keeps me away. I miss you all bunches!!!