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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I HEART Hoss!!!

Hoo boy! I sure do love that Hoss fella! Thanks for keeping this ol’ blog alive while my life has been wrapped up in other stuff.

The old laptop has had it. The lady who tried fixing it said she had never seen a laptop that had all of its letters worn completely off. She also said that the fan had been burning out for some time, and because I didn’t take it in sooner, most of the main components were fried. So it goes, right? I have a backup disk of everything except the last couple of months. Technically, I suppose it could be much worse.

My new laptop, which I was given by Mr. Lane as an Easter surprise, is taking some getting used to. I wish I had more time to play with it. This thing came with Windows Vista, which blows major donkey balls. Avoid it if you can! It is so slow! And it asks you every time you fart, “Are you sure you want to do that right now?” No, I’d rather hold it in until I explode you stupid ass. Ugh! Vista = Shit.

Have I mentioned how much I missed you guys? Holy shit, people, life has been so busy. I took the nursing home job mainly because I wanted to surprise my old man. I was hoping to work there for the couple of months that they needed me, stash away all of the money, until I had enough to get a garage built for him. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know how my old man loves to hideout in his garage. But since we moved into our house, the poor guy has been stuck with me. There’s plenty of land to put one up, there just wasn’t enough dough.

He is gone Monday through Friday, so he wouldn’t even know I was gone. Tricking him would have been easy, had our kids big mouths not gotten in the way. As Spring Break came along, one of the kids sang about my job. He/she said something to the effect of, “Where are we going to go with both of you gone?” So much for my surprise.

He said he was thankful but would rather use the money to finish the kitchen. He has big plans for the kitchen, which sound great but I know how happy he would be with a garage. Ah, hell, what can you do, right? Before I can show you the progress with the ceiling, which looks fan-fucking-tastic. I have to install my camera software and a few other things. But I promise, I will get to it… one day.

Back to the nursing home, holy shit you guys, someone needs to write a sitcom staring senior citizens. They really do and say and do some of the funniest shit ever! I will be getting to those stories soon. For now, thanks to Mr. Lane, I can finally check my e-mail, blog and comments. Yay!

Happy Monday!