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Monday, April 28, 2008

Winnah, Winnah, We Have A Winnah!!

I'm going to have to check the pulse here at Home Fires. It seems somewhat dead around these parts. The MySpace version of this blog is kicking ass and taking names. And this one, not so much. I miss writing everyday but realize everyone can't be here to read everyday. This once a week-ish stuff is good for all of us, I believe.

Is it time for this ol' blog to retire? I wouldn't want to give it up or over stay a welcome, but you can let me know what you think. Thanks to those of you who have been here since the beginning of time. Can you believe we are embarking on four frickin' years? I'm ready... if you are willing to keep reading.

If Heady and P*nky were paying attention to my original contest blog, which also was posted at MySpace, they both would have noticed that I have TWO David Nickerson autographed DVDs to give away. So they both won!

Congratulations ladies. And thanks for not actually reading the damn blog. Whatever. I'm pretty much mostly over it already. Kindaish. That is the key difference between this blog and that blog. People here actually read this insanity, and I love you for that, seriously.

Back to the winners, (The links above are for their MySpace accounts and the following are for their YouTube accounts, sign up, add them, you'll love them, they are crazy.) over the last week, both posted videos on YouTube to stir up voters for themselves. They each went to MySpace, posting bulletins, messages and basically offered themselves sexually to people, simply for votes. In the end P*nky won by three votes. Final score, P*nky 56, Heady 53. Nice job ladies.

What can I say, I loved the attention the contest brought to my blog and funny man David Nickerson. My MySpace blog had 1,600 views in six day and 168 comments, with lots of new visitors.

But I am a tiny bit creeped out that two of my sweet and innocent blog buddies could offer up their girly bits to strangers on the net just for a DVD. Sure, it's a pretty great DVD, but sex for votes? What kind of contest do you "ladies" think I am running? This isn't Hookergate.

Okay, that is that. But wait there's more because... are you ready??? I am giving you a couple of weeks before the next big giveaway. So round up your peeps early. I'm not going to tell you which is next but know this, ANT, Deni Bonet and Bud Buckley have all offered an autographed DVD or CD of their own as prizes for the next Big Contest, coming soon to a blog near you.

If you have a MySpace and have not added me but would like to, clickity, click, click right about here.