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Thursday, December 03, 2009

We Can Work It Out

This is the post where angry Lois goes off on a tangent or ten.

I’m one of millions in this country to have taken on a second job to help make ends meet. Financially, we have been screwed for most of our lives, lately however, it’s gotten so bad there really wasn’t a choice. As inflation keeps growing, our paychecks have been shrinking.

As most of you know, Mr. Lane and I bought our first house three years ago. Since then, every extra penny has gone into fixing it up. Although, there’s much more work left to do in this 100 year old house, we’ve managed to get some things accomplished.

Hoping the improvements were significant enough to get a loan so we could make more improvements, we were told by the banker, “Your home has no value.”

Wow, that’s rude. Whatever.

Even though we have done most of the work ourselves, saving thousands, in this economy, it doesn’t mean much.

But the county, well, the way they see things is, we have value, lots of it, so much in fact that they have doubled our taxes. Enter second job from hell.

How the bank sees no value and the county sees double, is beyond our comprehension. Added to the Summer of Suck, the extra person living here, the production company I’m working for falling short on my pay, this year’s harvest being the shittiest in years for Mr. Lane, it’s been a struggle to say the least.

The bottom line is, we moved out into the middle of nowhere (near the place where the Lord lost his sandals) because the taxes were affordable. And now, they aren’t. So that means we are stuck in this shit hole of a town with me working a job that I detest. (I realize it isn’t really all about me, but those fuckers don’t blog, and that’s not my fault. LOL!)

Clichés of the day: It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys. How can we ditch the dodo birds in our lives and get our birds of a feather on? It’s hard to keep your eye on the prize when you feel like it’s just another rigged carnival game.

I’m not gonna lie, the job sucks. I tried explaining to my kids, “It would be like you going to school and your teacher saying, ‘I know you are almost finished with high school, and you are doing well, but we are sending you back to kindergarten because the world and economy isn’t really ready for you right now.’”

This is the same kind of mundane bullshit I did over 20 years ago, making less money, which blows my freakin’ mind. I am trying to make the best of it, I just don’t know how. Plus, I feel super guilty when I see people coming in every single day looking for a job there, which they would likely love to have.

It’s probably jealousy talking, but lately, I’ve been so fucking angry at all these douche rockets who are getting huge book deals (Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin specifically) when I have two full manuscripts just waiting for one agent to say yes.

I have as much experience writing, as Miss Masturbation has on this planet. Maybe if Russia were my neighbor, I’d have a better shot, don’t cha know.

Today, rather than bitch any further, I’m going to work on perfecting a new letter to potential agents. If you have killer letter writing skills, I could use all the help you can offer. Thanks for reading my bitch session. Don’t worry too much because I’m sure there is a damn good reason even for this, the Chapter of Suck.