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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Just A Swingin'

I won't be around much today because I have the best day planned. First, I get to go to school and be one of the mom helpers. They are having their annual Scholastic Book Fair, and let me just say, I'm happy they didn't ask me to dress in the giant Clifford the Dog suit! Again. Shutyertrap.

If spending most of the morning at school weren't enough fun, this afternoon the fourth graders will have a picnic in the park. Oh, guess who gets to go with? Anyone. Buller? Yeah, me!

So I took the day off of work and get to spend it playing, like in the good old days. I'm much more excited about the park than the book fair but that's because I have so many fond memories of swinging, hanging and playing in the sand.

What I remember about the park...

1. Not having enough shock absorption in my legs for the risky jumps from the highest places, did it anyhow.
2. The smelly metallic scent my hands picked up from the monkey bars, swings and the merry-go-round and the blisters that went with it.
3. The nauseous feeling of spinning on the merry-go-round at the fastest speed everyone could run together.
4. The sand in every crack and crevasse of my body, and in my hair, and the crunchy sound it made in my teeth.
5. Going down the metal slide on a really hot day and burning my ass.
6. Being too sweaty and in shorts and sticking to the hot metal slide.
7. Being next on the slide after one of the little kids left a streak of pee. (eeeewww)
8. Playing Freeze Tag.
9. Going down the slide with three or four friends hanging on, we called it a choo-choo.
10. Putting the swing seat across my belly, kicking off and thinking I was Superman.
11. Setting my belly against the top bar of the monkey bars and flipping myself around and around until I almost puked.
12. The sound of my mom yelling for me to come home.
13. The clean streaks down my dirty face from crying about having to go home.
14. Trying to fall asleep after a fun day at the park, and feeling my body still swinging away.
15. My first kiss.
16. My first breakup.

I hope today I can enjoy a couple of the things on my list. Sometimes, being a grownup, I forget about the fun stuff.

Have a swingtastic day! (Yes, Lois realizes how terribly stooopid that sounds but today she is footloose and fancy free and has a date with a pee streaked slide.)