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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hello Haloscan!

I was thinking, what the hell? No one likes me no more? Are they afraid of that mean faced Lois Lane picture? I know I look really tough at the ripe age of 5 but, I'm harmless, really.

Hardly no comments today and then I get Becka's comment about Blogger comments acting a fool again. If you have tried to leave a comment and haven't been able because of Blogger, I'm sorry.

Welcome to my Haloscan comment section. Please comment often, because once this was installed everyone of my comments was zapped!

Come on people, it looks like I have no friends. Do it for Johnny. Who's Johnny? What the hell do you mean "Who's Johnny?"

Fine. Fuck Johnny! Would you just do it? Do it for me okay? Please? Okay, I'm not begging.

Pretty, pretty, please with sugar on top, and a cherry?