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Monday, March 14, 2005

Lois Finds Her Dark Side

No, I didn't go tanning my ass people. This is way bigger than anything a tanning bed could offer. It's funny how things happen. Just last week, I was thinking about starting a second blog. I thought it would be a good place to get my alter ego out and cause some people to think, what the hell's wrong with that chick.

A new blog wouldn't have replaced Home Fires. It just would have been an outlet for creativity, since everything here is real life stuff, I didn't want to throw off the feel of the sweet, down-hominess of this here blog. (Don't start with me! I am sweet damnit!)

I was surprised to find a Blogger invite from Buster, over at Dear Buster, in my inbox over the weekend. He asked if I wanted to join a group of writers once a week writing a one paragraph story written based on a random picture he posts at the bottom of the main page.

Buster said we could write whatever we wanted, for Random Picture...Random Story, including funny, sad, realistic or terrifying accounts. Stories can't be more than a paragraph long, which is enough length to toss the dark side of myself out there, at the same time, keeping my short attention span friends happy.

He has a helluva cast of characters writing there so I have no doubt it'll be good reading. Stop in and take a gander. Lois Lane appears as No_Newz, the other white meat, with a dark side. Don't forget to checkout the picture the stories are based on.