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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mix Master

William over at Poop and Boogies strikes again. Yesterday he wrote about lunch money and how he scammed his folks into giving him cold hard cash, which he ultimately bought comic books with. The only food items the guy ate in junior high, were milk and Jell-O, which by the way, he combined and drank through a straw. Before y'all go crazy on poor William, let me just say, I thought I was the only freak to mix the two. Don't knock it 'til ya try it.

Concoctions were part of growing up in our household. One time, I made a dessert with green Cool-Whip. Yes, it was fuzzy, but I went under the fuzz for the ultimate whipping cream flavor. When Mom found out that I used the Cool-Whip, which was hidden in the bottom drawer of the fridge and had been there since Thanksgiving, she became concerned. It was almost Valentine's Day.

She wouldn't let me finish eating my Cocoa powder, green Cool-Whip and stale Oreo Cookie creation. She started talking about taking me to the hospital. I freaked out when she said I'd need my stomach pumped. I envisioned a bike tire getting pumped with air, until it popped. My mommy was trying to make me explode all of that yummy goodness out of my tummy! That revelation made me hide under my bed.

Thankfully, she never took me to the hospital and I didn't even die.

While William was just learning about milk and Jell-O, I had already moved on to bigger and better concoctions. We lived near a fast food joint called Cock Robin. The name of that place still makes me giggle. Every once in a while, they would have chocolate shakes on sale. Those were really good days. I was able to buy a chocolate shake and a small order of French fries.

By the age of 13, who could possibly need more to fill up? I swear I could have lived on those two items. One day, the Cock, was out of ketchup, which is what caused me to try dipping my fries into my shake. Holy mother of all that is yummy! Chocolate shakes replaced ketchup in my little world from that moment on. You wondering if I still do that? Yes, and, I even passed the gene onto my children. Mr. Lane gags when he sees us eating the two.

There's plenty more concoctions of my childhood, but I'll leave you with these. What's your favorite, yet considered gross, concoction?