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Friday, January 20, 2006

Reading Rainbow II

You remember when we played Rejected Children's Books? If you would like to refresh your memory or are new to Home Fires, click here.

Life has been crazy here at the Lane Estate. I know that isn't exactly new news. During difficult times, my brain wanders off to do its own thing. (Don't worry, my sister Mary is doing well.) As my mind wandered off again, I was brought back to the children's book game. Here are some of my latest titles:

1. Hop On Pop, The Babysitter Does

2. Mommy Has A Buzzing Friend That Makes Her Less Of A Bitch

3. The Mailman Slipped Mommy His Package

4. Where's Waldo's Willy Wanker

5. Madeline's Methlab

6. Thomas The Tank Engine Ran Over The Stupid Fucker Who Went Around The Gates

7. Cap'n Hook Fingers Wendy

8. Ronald McDonald Makes Hamburglar Grimace

9. See Spot Run From Dick

10. Jane Plays With Dick

(Can you think of some?)