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Thursday, February 09, 2006

This Is Why Home Fires Needs A Newsletter

Here are some of the random tidbits going on in my world.

I've been moonlighting over at Dutch West to soothe the savage writing beast within. If you want to checkout my latest insanity, go here.

I was also invited to participate in Cyber Hike, which is a blog for a virtual hike along the Appalachian Trail. Stacie talked a bunch of us bloggers into working together through walking, running and cycling to cover the 2,160 miles of terrain. I'll post something over there this weekend.

On days that the weather cooperates, I like to get out and walk or jog. Since it is February in Chicagoland, there aren't many days that I am able. With the LO Racer 2006, nothing is stopping me from participating. I am logging about ten miles each day.

I was also invited to Las Vegas for a blogger convention next month. I am still trying to finagle a way to go. My brother Mark lives in Vegas and I thought it would be really cool to get a two-for-one out of a weekend trip. (This is where you should talk my mother into going with me, since I hate to travel alone.)

Should Home Fires have a newsletter for all of the boring not really post-worthy stuff like this?