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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Raise Me Up

Sometimes a girl does need to post three times in a week. This post is a follow up to yesterday’s.

So many good ideas, and such great advice, I can’t thank you guys enough! I wish I had time to make it to a home improvement center before making a decision, but it isn’t in the cards since the carpenter will be here tomorrow. I realize what a difficult question I was asking of you, and appreciate all the time and effort you all put in, and the links you provided. I grabbed a piece of everyone’s ideas and mixed them up.

Now I need a pinky swear in the air… if you think any of this sucks, you will tell me as soon as possible. (yes, I can handle the truth)

To give you more of a visual, the kitchen dimensions are roughly 15’W x 17’L, the ceiling is vaulted about 14’ and is slatted (tongue & grove) oak, which is why I though a laminate hardwood would be too much wood. Never thought I’d hear myself say too much wood, hmmm.

We’re cutting a window out of the wall, looking into the dining room which I’d like in the brown, while the other walls would be the oatmeal color. I don’t like orange enough to commit to it as a wall color, but I like the idea of orange-toned or rust-colored accents.

Honestly, and this is embarrassing, whatever…we don’t have a normal dish set like normal people. We didn’t have a traditional wedding. We didn’t have a shower, reception or anything fancy where the doting family showers the bride and groom in gifty goodness. We’ve been shacked up 20 years, married in a courthouse, went back to our apartment where I cooked our wedding dinner, served to the six people who bothered to showed up... Mr. Lane and I included. Our dish set, as it were, is a mismatched dollar store find… but amazingly holds food quite well.

Like I said, all of the appliances are white, and in perfect working order, meaning, I’m stuck with them until they suffer an untimely death. The cabinets will be a medium oak, nothing fancy.

I’m leaning toward this type of tile for the floors.

Because the floor space is so large, I thought a staggered layout would break up the monotony of the room. (please correct me if I’m wrong)

With Rosemary Corian counters.

Although, I agree these don’t have to match, I like this color for the faucet and the cabinet pulls.

Last night after work, Lane 1 his girlfriend and I went to donate blood. Part of the process is having your blood pressure taken. Mine is never more than 110 over 70...until now. Not sure if the stress of all that is going on at home is getting to me, or if it’s just that job I hate, but something has to change. I always tell myself, if you can’t fix it, fuck it. It’s been a motto that served me well, but apparently I’m not able to convince all of my 2,000 parts to just fuck it right now.

I chilled out, meditated or whatever and they took it again. I was almost rejected! I’ve been donating my blood since I was a teenager, and have never been rejected, so for me, that was a big deal. With a little more time and patience, it came down enough for me to give. If you all hadn’t helped me, I have no doubt it would have been through the roof and they’d have told me to piss off. So thank you sincerely, from the heart of my bottom the bottom of my heart.