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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Big Breasted Bully

No, this isn't another story about my mom.

Long story short, in the news and all over eBay, is the story of the big breasted bully. Tawny Peaks (her stage name) a former topless dancer, was cleared of charges she faced for allegedly battering a Florida nightclub patron with her breasts a few years ago.

If bludgeoning someone with your super-sized Big Gulps isn't crazy enough for you, continue reading because there is new news about the big boobied bad girl.

Miss Peaks recently had the size 69HH implants removed because she retired from the business. Since the removal, Miss Peaks has kept her implants tucked safely away, until one day it dawned on her. "Boobies never lose their value!"

So she did what anyone in her position might do, she has put one of them up for auction. Currently bidding is at $14,000 plus dollars. I wonder what she will do with the other implant, will it be lonely, will it too find it's way on eBay...

What in God's name is the winning bidder going to do with one implant of humongous proportions?

Turn it into one of these...

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Or maybe make it into one of these...

Or how about, one of these?

Hey, I know, her boob can now be used as...

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If all of the silicone were removed, it could also be one of these...

Obviously I have already spent enough time thinking about someone else's breasts today. So I am going to go stuff my bra. Bye!