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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Shut Your Pie Hole Woman!

You ever get a case of verbal diarrhea? You know the thing that happens when you can't shut up and your mouth just spews insanely. I got a major case of that. It started at the funeral home last week. I arrived to flowers from some of my online friends. Everyone there was asking each other, "Where'd these flowers come from?"

Not even the strongest Imodium AD could stop my lips from flapping, allowing all of this information about my writing to spill from my pie hole. Most of my family members know I write for a living. Some of them just call me unemployed because I work from home, and I'm usually broke. "Self employed people! Work with me here!" I try to correct, but they just tell me to shut up and go back to my van down by the river.

I, like most of you bloggers, haven't told many family members about my blog, until last week. I was so surprised and taken aback by the kindness of this blogging community and my online buddies, I had to let everyone know who y'all were. I could have put it in simple terms, "I'm a chat junkie and these flowers are from my imaginary friends." But nope, not me! I had to blab on and on about this here blog and all of you nice people.

What was the result? Family members asking for the link of course. Does this mean I will have to be on my very best behavior now? Hell no! It may just cause me to rebel further from the pack and post a nudie of my mother*. That'll teach her to call me the black sheep! "Smile for the camera, you baaad girl!"

* Don't tempt me woman!