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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Here Comes The Rain Again

My Honey (best friend who lives in Tennessee) was here all weekend. The visit was hurried because she was in town getting her things out of storage. She never imagined when she left four years ago that it would take this long to retrieve her family's belongings. Every item had a story.

Honey has four kids, which means, a lot of what she had stored was seasonal clothing that her kids have now outgrown. After going through 20 or so rain-soaked boxes, on my tarp-covered living room floor, 90% of the clothes were repacked to send to the Salvation Army.

In yesterday's comments a couple of you mentioned how shitty it is when you are doing something nice and something bad happens to you. Well, this weekend we had another one of those "What the fuck" moments.

Mr. Lane and Mr. Honey were on their way to drop off the clothes and Mr. Lane's truck broke down, while loaded with clothes for the needy. Is that not just another one of those moments where you can't help but wonder, what the fuck?

I went to fetch the guys in my car. It was pouring down rain and dark outside so we opted to leave the boxes of clothing in the back of the pickup truck, which they pushed into a repair shop lot.

We have no idea what is wrong with the truck and the mechanic hasn't looked at it yet. All I know for sure is that I am officially the go-to-gal. I drove Mr. Lane to work (40 miles away) right after Honey and her family left. He had to drive to Nebraska so my bitching about an 80-mile round trip drive seems beyond stupid and selfish. He's expected back for some afternoon delight and then I have to take him back so he can deliver seed corn to Iowa. His life is so exciting.

I've been freelancing like the wind, trying like hell to get some jobs that pay now because being broke is not my forte. Don't the powers that be realize I was intended to be a spoiled rich bitch? Again, I wonder, what the fuck?

All of this work and additional driving means much less internet fart around time for me. Hell, I was going to have another contest for Home Fire's 45,000th visitor but it happened in the midst of this crazy busy work, I missed it. Maybe when 55,555 sneaks up I'll be more prepared and do something. Anyhow, don't think I've deserted any of you. I'll catch up.

So there's my whining and complaining for the week. I have a couple of weekend funnies in my mental files. I hope to find enough fart around time tomorrow to share.

Side Note To My Mom: Fuck being nice Mommy. It just gets you into more trouble. So go on with your bad ass self.