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Friday, May 05, 2006

Home Fires & Life's Mini Explosions

That's the title of my book, which is based on my self-syndicated humor column, which is much like this here blog. This morning, another explosion took place, only, it wasn't so humorous. I spent two hours on the phone with Mr. Lane. He suddenly got a bug up his ass and wants to move. This. Summer.

He wants no part of going to any of the places I have built-in job offers. In fact, he wants to stay in Illinois. I really don't want to leave my family, most of whom are here, but none are closer than 80 miles away. Another state wouldn't make a whole hill of beans, in my opinion. My mom begs to differ. She and I haven't talked about it for a while but the last time it was mentioned, she made her voice heard.

She'll be surprised and happy to know her son in-law wants to at least stay in the same state. I can only assume the thought of our son entering high school next fall made him realize we aren't getting any younger. For me, however, our son entering high school is one of the many reasons why I don't want to move right now. I can only imagine how upsetting it would be for the kids to change schools, again.

The place we are in now is tiny, affordable and outside of town. He wants to go west where houses are bigger and cheaper. The problem I have with that is there is no work in my field and there isn't much as far as entertainment for the kids, not that there is much of those things here, either. So now my head spins trying to find the calm inner peace to come to a compromise.

I thought if we were moving any time soon, it would be to a different state, seeking improvement in the education of our children, more work in my field and cheaper and bigger housing. If we are only seeking the latter, I don't see how improvements can be made. The kids will likely be bored in the places he has mentioned, and he will likely be on the road. How does this help?

I'd really like to leave you with something funny for the weekend, but I was blindsided this morning and felt like spewing. So I'll leave you a fun place to checkout. Have a great weekend everybody!

Jackie Beat cracks me up every time. (A quote from a recent post by the drag queen extraordinaire,) "Do you have any idea how long it takes for a fat, middle-aged white man to turn into a curvy woman of indeterminate ethnicity? A LONG TIME, PEOPLE!" Go read Jackie here.