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Thursday, May 04, 2006

You Gotta Fight, For Your Right...

Do you remember when Bud dragged me into Frappr, and Aimee dragged me into Flickr? Already being a blogger on limited time, I haven't paid much attention to either accounts. I reject new "friends" all of the time on Frappr because of nude photos they post. I'd like to keep things work friendly on my pages. And I am often late to the gate when new comments arrive on my Flickr.

I've been reading Ross Mathews' blog for a while now and he ends every post with, "Add me as a friend to your MySpace." I finally caved to the MySpace pressure after getting an e-mail from my sister Angie asking me to join her as a friend. I signed up and within hours, I had 11 new friends. None of which were either Angie or Ross. Maybe Angie read yesterday's post and decided she didn't want to be my friend. But that's okay because through the magic of genetics, she is stuck with me, forever.

I can't promise I'll keep track of things there either, but here's my link if you would like to add me. If you think I should form a "friend group" for bloggers only, I can do that.

Getting back to the trip down memory lane, cereal was a major staple in our house. Saturday mornings we would sit and watch the best cartoons with a bowl of sugary goodness right in front of us. That was when Angie and I got along the best, sitting Indian style on the floor, bent over as far as possible with milk splashing our legs as we ate. There were no remote controls to fight over, and since we were not sitting at the table, there was no reason to fight over reading the cereal box.

Angie and I battled for reading rights at the table. I always lost. Lane 1 and Lane 2 do the same. Mark's idea in the comments of yesterday's post is brilliant! Could you imagine a Lois Lane original, like the Brownie Bladder Blizzard story on the back of your box of Special K? It could come with a coupon for a free Blizzard.

Every once in a while, our school would send home a free copy of Highlights Magazine. God, I loved those! I always bugged my parents to get me a subscription, which they never did because it was too expensive. When I had a free copy, I didn't share. That pissed Angie off. What bothered her most was that I didn't need to read the cereal box because I had Hidden Pictures and she didn't!

Years rolled on and the Sunday comics became required reading in our house, and something else to fight over. The one thing we all loved, including our parents, was Hocus Focus. There were two pictures that were close to the same and you had to find six things that were different.

"I found one! Ooop, there's two! Blue hat, blue hat, white fence, white fence, red shirt, orange shirt, THREE, I found three!"

"I get it next! No recalls!"

"No! I get it next! I had to go outside to get the paper and got my socks wet, so it's mine next!"

"No it isn't! I called it first!"



Those were the days. It's funny to think about all of those small things that likely caused us to all become avid readers. Even though a couple of decades have gone by, kids are the same. Mine fight over cereal box reading rights and the Highlights Magazine that comes once a month in the mail. I couldn't not subscribe. And you know what? I still love those dang Hidden Pictures. Amazing how much times have changed but that magazine and those cereal boxes remain part of growing up Lane.