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Monday, May 08, 2006

Little House on the Prairie

You know you've made a mistake when your number one fan heckles you. Poor Mr. Lane, even sweet little Lane 2 gave her pops a run for his money this weekend. For two days, the Lanes did nothing but look at houses, all of which were where the Lord lost his sandals. And I would not be surprised if some of the houses were built B.C.

We looked at one, circa 1865. Actually, we just did a drive-by because it was so rickety-looking, we worried it would fall on us if we were to shake the ground in the slightest, as we approached.

"If we move here, can I git me a pony? Please, Pa?" Lane 2 could have easily played Laura Ingalls.

Seriously Little House on the Prairie stuff. I felt like Nelly Olsen as my head filled with complaints. I didn't say much to my old man, mostly because the nothing nice to say thing came into play.

Lane 1 was like Willy, complaining about the lack of "hot chicks" and wondered aloud what kids there do, but when he found out that it is legal for people to ride dirt bikes and four-wheelers through town, he lit up.

"Dude, Ma! If we move here, can I ride my dirt bike to school?"

I couldn't dignify that with an answer. Someone give me a "Yee-haw!"

Thank God for friends. Our agent, is also a friend. She took us from one end of town, to the edge of town, to just outside of town and then back through town again. Amazingly enough, she agreed to show us more in two weeks, and claimed to not hate us.

Weird thing about old houses out in the middle of nowhere, those that have a second story have the lowest ceilings. I felt like a circus freak in a couple of them. Good thing I don't wear big 80's hair anymore, I would have brushed it on those cobwebbed ceilings. In one of the houses, the windows on the second floor were crotch level to me. How anyone thought it was a good idea to put windows that low boggles my mind. Is this generation really that much taller than those from way back when? Am I really the Amazon woman my husband said I was?

Amazingly enough, we really had a good weekend. Being together should be all that matters. What can I say, I'm a slow learner.