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Friday, January 23, 2009

Shake Dat Laffy Taffy

Most people would say, "You are your own worst critic." Although that may be true in the real world, I live in the Lane Estate, therefore, my worst critics are my lovely children.

I just finished up a writing gig for a stand-up comedian. While working on material, I would periodically run a joke idea by them. Do you remember Statler & Waldorf, the Muppet Show critics? That would be the Lane kids. They even came up with a grading scale to rate my jokes.

Popsicle stick means it is not great. It is, like the jokes written on those sticks, mediocre at best.

The next, which means good, but not great is, Bazooka.

The final means, I have just knocked one out of the park, and that one is called Laffy Taffy. Apparently, according to my kids, Laffy Taffy has the best jokes snack food has to offer.

I felt like Fozzie Bear getting tomatoes tossed at my head, as they said, "Popsicle stick! Next!" and, "Bazooka! Next!"

They are a tough crowd, but at least they demand the best Laffy Taffy I had to offer.

Now that the job is done, I wait. I hate waiting! There's a team of four or five people who have to go over the material before I know what will be bought by this comedian.

I'm also still waiting on Spike Feresten, who says the end of May would be good, for me to submit something. I have a good backlog of sketches ready to go. I just need to figure out which make the Laffy Taffy cut.

Another comedian friend of mine is trying to get me in as a sub on a different late night TV show to fill in when scheduled guests aren't available. I know this is vague and in code, but I don't want to do any name dropping until all the ducks are in a row. But it is good news.

But wait, there's more good news! I found out that when Lane 1 isn't being an evil Statler, critiquing my jokes, he's out there in the world, turning out to be a pretty great person.

My son received a thank you card with a reward from a teacher. Had she not sent the card, I wouldn't have known just how nice he can be. Let's face it, 16-year-old boys can be douche bags, which I say with motherly love.

Here's Lane 1 playing with a mega icicle. Tell me you can't detect douche-baggery in that handsome face?!

Anyhow, the card was thanking him for bringing her purse to her. Apparently, after school one day, they were both at a gas station. She set her purse on the roof of her car and drove off. He saw what happened, scooped it up and followed her and gave it back. I'm proud of my kid.

So that's what's been going on in my neck of the woods. Tell me what's new with you guys! Have a great weekend!