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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You're Beautiful

Mr. Lane is down but certainly not out. Not only did his personal truck breakdown, yesterday his semi-truck did too. Thankfully the guy he works with wasn't too far away and was able to pick him up. Another good thing is we don't have to eat paper and shit money to be able to pay for it to be fixed. And if Mr. Lane were still running his own company, this expense would be ours. (Eating paper will not cause you to shit money. Do not try this at home.)

His coworker Randy came to Mr. Lane's rescue on the side of the road. He hopped into Randy's truck. As they were driving along Mr. Lane realized he has never spent much time with this guy. He was unsure of what to talk about and asked if he could turn on the radio.

He asked Randy what kind of music he likes. He said, "I listen to everything."

"Stop me if you hear a good one," Mr. Lane said as he began flipping through the stations.

Before Randy could stop him, Mr. Lane heard a song he liked. (This is the part where he called me.)

My old man has a really cute something about him. Sure, he does really weird shit sometimes, but when he calls just to play a song for me, I can't help but smile.

First he told me about the breakdown and explained he was in Randy's truck. He softly asked if I could hear the song playing in the background. I couldn't. He turned it up a little but I still couldn't hear what song it was. In a quiet yet squealing high-pitched mimicking voice, he sang into the phone, "You're beautiful. You're beauti-f-u-u-l. You're beautiful, it's true."

As I was telling him how adorable he is, Randy asked, "Are you singing, dude?"

Mr. Lane hurried off of the phone. That kept me giggling most of the day.

He called me later to say goodnight and of course I teased him about getting caught singing.

"Lo, I really got Randy thinking. After we hung up there was this really awkward silence. I tried to make small talk but it was forced, you know? So we finally get to the shop where the truck was towed, and since he already decided I must be gay, I thanked him for the ride and suggested he and I go see Brokeback Mountain together."

Just one more reason why I love that crazy man.