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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Buffalo Stance

Well, I lied to you guys... again. Remember a year ago when I said something like, "Unless my dogs start to shit gold nuggets, I won't write about them."

Total lie.

Since it's Super Bowl Sunday and I can't really give a crap about football, I actually considered watching Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, with my daughter, Lane 2. It's a great day for vegging out, so why not? Puppies are cute, and I hear there's a kitten halftime show that the crazy cat lady within would enjoy.

But before I could make up my mind, I had my very own Puppy Bowl in my living room.

Mr. Lane's dog Daisy isn't a fan of other dogs. Specifically other dogs whose asses are way too tall to sniff. When a friend came over with her over-size drool machine, Daisy hid under the coffee table.

She only came out long enough to bark at Cujo.

Darla wasn't too sure about this horse-sized dog either. I tossed a couple of bones in their direction, because I'm evil like that, and this is what happened.

As Cujo turned to get the bone Darla had her eye on, he stepped on the other bone behind him. My dog lucked out. She grabbed that bone and ran like her tail was on fire.

That's enough puppy bowl for me. Maybe I'll go make some chili with the ground buffalo meat my neighbor gave me. Who gives people buffalo as a gift anyhow? I really shouldn't look a gift buffalo in the mouth.

Enjoy your Super Bowl and I'll get started on my Buffalo Bowl.