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Friday, May 23, 2008

These Are The Moments

There were ten winners in the latest contest. Names were drawn by Mr. Lane. So if you didn't win, it's all his fault. You can send hate mail to him in the comments below, and I will be sure to forward them on. I emailed the winners telling them they were finalists. I also told them to watch for an email from Amazon. It was like a surprise inside of a surprise, because they all won.

Congratulations to Miss Pickle, Stacie, Mindy, Robin in Wonderland, Lucid Kim, Dawn, Da Beast, Sara, Heidi and Sheri! And thanks once again to our generous mystery donor! I also received a surprise gift card. Isn't that crazy and awesome?!

If you would like to follow or participate in The Four Agreements book discussion, click on ANT's link at the top of the "Fire Bugs" list on the sidebar. He will begin in June.

It's that busy time of year again, where there is a ton of work at the house, in the garden, fundraisers for the teen center, houseful of kids, animals wanting to be walked at all hours. But I am writing like a beast out of control! I only wish I had a huge place to send all of these goodies to. I want Saturday Night Live or Mad TV.

How do I get there? Anyone know? Do I need an agent or manager or both? Should we start a letter writing campaign? (hint, hint Did you know I am in Lorne Michael's top friends on MySpace? What does that mean??? What do you mean, what does that mean? It means that he and I are practically BFFs, duh! (BFFs = Best Friends Forever) I wonder if he knows. Hahaha!

Is anyone else Twittering? If you say, "What's that?" your answer is no, or not yet. Twitter is a micro blogging system, and another way to stay in touch with your friends online. Like we need anymore distractions, right?! You post simple updates throughout the day so your friends and family know what you are doing. If you want, add me. I update a couple of times a day. It's just a couple of sentences so you can keep tabs on me. My user name is LoisLane1972.

Michael Buckley hooked me on Twitter. If you get hooked too, don't blame me, blame him. He is my latest comic relief addiction.

My birthday is coming and since the kids and Mr. Lane asked what I want, I am trying to decide. Why is it when you are older, you just don't really care anymore? Seriously, if I get a card, a plant, a pooper-scooper, whatever, I'm a happy camper. In my younger days, I'd have flipped a biscuit if my old man bought me a pooper-scooper as a present.

For Mother's Day, I got a card with a dollar. Lane 2 gave me a spa treatment. I'll post the photos below. Yes, one whole dollar and a card, and I was completely happy. Like everyone else, we've been throwing every last dime into the gas tank and into the house, which leaves little to no play money. Maybe it was all the effort my daughter put in, or the quality time we shared, whatever the case, it was fun. See for yourself...I can't believe I am putting these online.

This is cute and intentionally upside down. Lane 2 had me sitting in the bathtub with a pillow and blanket. She also pulled my hair back in a pretty hot fashion.

After heaps of blue eyeshadow, which one can never have enough of, the child tried to pull a Tyson on me, and bite off my ear.

Here I am picking a winner with my ghetto nail job. Yes, that is hot pink with silver tips. Kind of like a French whore manicure.

And here's Lane 1, Lane 2 and I all crammed in the bathtub. Good times!

Have a great and safe weekend!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Want You Back

I had no intentions of becoming the newer, cuter, Monty Hall. So how is it that I have more stuff to give away? Well as it turns out, the last contest was so well-received that an anonymous donor came to me and said, "Lois, you sexy hunk of love..." Okay, so maybe this person said, "I have an idea!"

Unlike Monty, I will not have a goat hiding behind curtain number 1. The idea is to give away a handful of $15 Amazon gift certificates so everyone can have their own copy of The Four Agreements.

ANT, the comedian who hosts Celebrity Fit Club, was on Last Comic Standing, star of U.S. of ANT on Logo, and so on and so forth, has a blog. In June he intends to have his fans participate in a book club of sorts.

The Four Agreements was chosen by ANT because of its positive message, and feel good qualities.

The premise, take back your life. One thing so many of us online types seem to have in common is, we lack in self worth. The book is a good way to shake the shit out of that inner voice that tells you that you suck. At least that is my translation of the book.

So in order to be a winner, here's what you have to do... write in the comments five things you want to change about your self/life and five things you love about your self/life. Why five and not four? I don't know. Work with me, would ya? Winners will be scientifically pulled from a hat.

Please feel free to invite friends to play along. And only participate if you would like to own a copy of the book.

The donor was way more than generous, so please take a second to thank our mystery donor. Thanks Mystery Donor Person!! (yes, I totally know who it is and no I won't tell you)