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Friday, August 07, 2009


One thing people keep asking me after hearing of all the bad news around here... "Lois, how do you manage to keep a sense of humor?"

If you've been wondering the same, just look below. They make me smile, they fill my heart and they give me plenty to laugh about/at/with. Sure this summer sucked, no doubt, but look how lucky I am.

Lane 2 and Mr. Lane, craziest monkeys at the zoo.

Even the real monkeys couldn't help but laugh!

Sure, Mr. Lane is "gay" sometimes.

But he can even make a lion laugh.

And an Asian looking mountain goat. "Oh! Dat so funny Mr. Rane! You make me raugh."

He is a real friend to all the animals.

Sometimes friendship goes a little too far.

Something perverted was said, you can tell by their smiles.

They flock to his magnetic personality.

I also enjoyed the REAL animals while at the zoo. Here's a few of my favorites.

Dust bunny?

Making out, not just for teenagers anymore.

I love this face!

And this one!

I especially love this face. Even the funny guy gets sleepy. Here's my old man taking a nap on the porch.

What's really under his hat? His loyal dog.

Today I run off singing, "Oh we ain't got a barrel Maybe we're ragged and...funny. But we'll travel along, singin' a song...side-by-side."